Partner with MakanStreet

As our partner, you will have many benefits:

~ A new channel aiming to attract customers through the online platform for ordering food in accordance with the latest trends in e-commerce, including a FREE mobile version and an application for your restaurant/cafe.

~A page that is dedicated only for your restaurant with photos, description, working hours, rating and reviews from customers.

~ The control of your restaurant is in your hands through a special module for order management, menu and restaurant information on the website.

~ Service and support from a professional call center.

~ Statistics and reports for the monthly orders.

~ All possible payment methods.

~ An inclusion in the annual marketing plan aiming to promote your restaurant .

~ Free to use Order Management System and CRM to automate your restaurant processes and customer database ~ reduce cost and increase revenue.

For Inquiries and partnership with MakanStreet

Call Us: +60 10761 1950 or +65 8144 3871
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Download Our FREE Partner Apps (Order Management and CRM) at:

download makanstreet partner App    download makanstreet partner App

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