1) What is MakanStreet?

    MakanStreet is a food delivery, pickup and table reservation platform for restaurant owners/ partners to bring you the right food for the right occasions.

2) Who will deliver the food?

    MakanStreet is a directory of online food delivery and takeout menus for restaurant owner/ partner. We do not process/ delivery your food. All order is directly process by the restaurant itself or our partner website. Thus they will be handling all your orders, food delivery and payment. However, rest assured that we'll try to make sure the delivery happens.

3) How and who should I make payment to?

    MakanStreet is just a ordering platform. We do not receive payment from you. All payment will be receive by restaurants based on the payment type accepted or thru our partner website.

4) Can I cancel the order?

Yes, you can cancel your order but all cancellation is subjected to the approval of the restaurant. Please call the restaurant directly if you need to cancel your order or contact our partner support officer in our partner website.

5) Do the food providers get reviews? How do I know if they are good?

    Yes you can view each review of the restaurant from our members who had ordered previously.

6) There used to be delivery. Why can’t I order for delivery now?
    Our partner restaurants sometimes turn off their delivery services during adverse weather conditions. Contact us and we will get back to you on the status.

7) Is there a minimum order?
   Some restaurants may or may not required a minimum order, and different restaurants set a different minimum order amount. Search for your location to get an estimate of the minimum order.

8) What is the difference between delivery and pickup?
    Delivery is food being brought to you by individual restaurant's delivery team. Pickup is you being brought the food at the restaurant (aka. takeout/ takeaway).

9) Do the stated prices include delivery fee?
     The stated item prices in the menu are without delivery fee. To get the delivery fee, check out the order and enter your address, thereafter it we will show you the Delivery Fee.

10) Does some restaurants have free delivery?
     Yes,  some restaurant do provide Free delivery. Delivery fee varies between restaurants. The best way to find out if you'll get free delivery fee is to enter your address and search for restaurants that deliver to you.

11) Is there a minimum order for free delivery?
      There may be some minimum order for free delivery at some restaurants. The best way is to enter your address and look up for the restaurant that delivery to you..

12) How do I find out the status of my order?
       You can log in to your account via web or mobile app and look under the order to see the status of your order. But if you order thru our partner website, please check the status via our partner's website/ mobile app.

13) Who process and update my order status?

      MakanStreet do not handle your order. All order status are process by restaurant or our partner's website. If you have any problem with your order, kindly contact restaurant / our partner immediately.

14) I received an email saying my order has been delivered, but I have not received my order. How do I verify?

    Do contact the restaurant or our external partner's website and give them your ordered detail, or you could drop us an email and we'll check on your order shortly.

15) How can I check whether the restaurant received my order?
      If you've received an order confirmation email, it means the restaurant/ our partner has received your order. If the order status stated as  "Pending", the restaurant has not confirmed your order. If it is "Processing", the order has been accepted.

16) I had problems with my order, how can MakanStreet compensate me?
      Do drop us an email with details on what went wrong with your contact detail. We will get back to you as soon as possible on the outcome.

17) What is the payment option?
     There are different payment type e.g. Cash of delivery (COD), Paypal, Credit card. It all depends on the restaurant/ our partner's website payment acceptance. You can choose the type of payment that you are comfortable with based on the restaurant payment option  during checkout.

18) I want to be list my restaurant in MakanStreet, how do I go about this?

    Drop us an email with your contact details (phone no. and email) and we will get back to you shortly. Alternative you can contact us at

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