Who will deliver
Each stall/restaurant or our external partner where the order is place will be delivering your food order. MakanStreet is not responsible for food delivery. But if there is any dispute, MakanStreet can help customer to talk with Restaurant and vise versa. We are just a platform that provide service to both restaurant and customer to have a good meal.

Who will receive the Order payment
MakanStreet is just a platform for restaurant and customer to make order and delivery order. MakanStreet DO NOT handle payment. All payment will be receive directly by stall/restaurant or our external partner.

Cost of Delivery
Cost of delivery varies depending on the distance between the restaurant and your location. The cost also varies depend on each restaurant. Restaurant determine the delivery cost. The cost of delivery for each order is displayed in “Your cart”. Some restaurant provide FREE delivery.

Delivery Time
Delivery time depends on the restaurant/ our partner, what you order and your location. 90% of your orders will arrive in 60 minutes or less. Restaurant is responsible for all deliveries. MakanStreet is just a service platform for restaurant and customer to transact.

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